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The tinyPayroll application is intended for small businesses to be a simple, platform-independent time-tracking and payroll tracking solution. It is Free and open-source software.

The tinyPayroll application is written in Java, although by the time it goes to a final release, it will have professional-style installation packages and (hopefully) won't look like your typical ugly Swing interface. It will work on any operating system with a working Sun Java platform. It uses the Hypersonic SQL (HSQL) database, but this will be completely transparent to the user.

Note that currently, the tinyPayroll application is in PRE-ALPHA status, and the 0.1-0.6 releases will all be only partially functional. Once the application is feature complete, it will move into BETA, and the 0.9 series will start. 1.0 will be released once there are working unit tests for the entire application (that one might be a while).